OICU Student Highlights

In an effort to bring a more student-driven and personal connection to our website, we are telling the stories of students from each of our campuses who have either overcome challenges, become heroes in the military or in the community, or have achieved an outstanding honor regardless of adversities. This monthly feature, entitled "OICU Student Highlights" will be on the home page of the OICU website.


Once each story has run on the home page, it will then be archived here under the newsletter tab and can be referred back to at any time. We are proud of our students and look forward to sharing their inspirational stories.

Do you have a story to share or know someone who does? Please email Lesa Smaligo (lesa@oicu.org) with any stories, pictures or videos that you might have. Help us spread the news that the Oklahoma Independent Colleges and Universities have outstanding students by sharing your stories with us!