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if you ask ooceeh afame how he got to oru, be prepared for an amazing personal story of someone who knows in full god’s miraculous power.

abandoned by his mother on the streets of maiduguri, nigeria, when he was two days old, ooceeh passed through many homes in his early years. as a 7-year-old, he became a house servant to a muslim family.

while running errands one night four years later, ooceeh noticed a crusade taking place in the streets. he heard a nigerian evangelist talking about hell, and how jesus could save people from a life of suffering.

“i wanted something better,” ooceeh said, “so i went up and prayed. i experienced an unusual peace i had never known before.”

from that moment on, ooceeh considered himself a servant of the lord—a very unpopular notion in northern nigeria with its predominantly islamic population.

the muslim family ooceeh served would beat him every week when he returned from church, but that did not deter him. he would pursue the life he knew the lord had for him.

at 17, he took and passed the high school equivalency test and went on to pass nigeria’s annual college entrance exam. three times in six years, ooceeh performed well enough on the exam to qualify for the nigerian version of a pre-med program. each time he lost the opportunity due to lack of funds.

and then, richard roberts came to his church and talked about oral roberts university. intrigued by the possibility of going to this school, ooceeh wrote to the admissions office, applied and was accepted for the fall 2008 semester. again, a lack of financing curtailed his dreams. he applied to oru once more and was accepted for the spring 2010 semester.

ooceeh eventually made it to tulsa with one change of clothes, his suitcase of books and absolutely no money. he arrived in time to take part in the quest whole person scholarship event and soon after was able to begin another new chapter in his life.

“i prayed for 10 years for my miracle to happen,” ooceeh told the oru tv program face to face.



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